Who is a Mintier??

     This web site attempts to answer the question “Who is a Mintier?”. I have found it is not a very common name. I have traveled throughout the United States and often times in the various cities and towns where I stayed, I would grab a phone book and look for listings of Mintiers in town. To date I have not found any I didn’t already know. Or maybe the Mintiers just always choose to have unlisted numbers.

     I can tell you that the ones I know are teachers, nurses, veterinarians, managers, salesmen, coaches and have many other occupations  too numerous to mention. They currently range in age from 1 year old to 94 years old. The ones I know live in North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Oregon. Most of them came from what I call the Mintiers of Mount Vernon, Ohio, though a lot of these Mintiers have never lived in Mount Vernon. For more info on this please see my The Mintiers page.

     This site also contains ancestral information on my mother’s side of my family, the Fishburns. This information goes back to William Penn and the founding of the United States. It can be seen on The Fishburns page

     The family tree I have created from this information is hosted in another site, Tribal Family Pages. I will do this until I can create a family tree section on this site..

     Lastly, I have included photos and commentary from vacations my wife and I have taken over the years. It currently includes only our last trip to Europe, but will be expanding as time permits.

     I invite any and all Mintiers, or Fishburns who happen across this site to leave their comments and hopefully some information on what branch of the Mintier family tree they belong to.