Some of the Mintier children. My father, John  L. Mintier, is the tallest one standing on the right. He was born in 1913.

 John L. Mintier with his favorite brother, Buddy, seated behind him on a horse. Buddy tragically died of pneumonia at age 5. 

The Mintiers moved from Zanesville, Ohio in the 1920’s  to Utica, Ohio. My grandfather, Robert Mintier, was an agent for the B&O Railroad. He met my grandmother Grace Marie Lawson while working in Zanesville. My father was born in 1913 the oldest of the10 children they would have. They were: 

John Lawson Mintier 10/30/1913

Clarence (Buddy) Mintier 10/30/1915

Robert Lewis Mintier 08/12/1916

Georgia Marietta Mintier 03/11/1918

Virginia Lee Mintier 06/08/1921

Alice Carolyn Mintier 02/26/1923

Thomas Mintier 04/26/1924

William Mintier Still living

Beatrice Marie 01/02/1927

Mary Mintier 03/10/1930