Squire Fishburn was born in Pennsylvania in 1867. It is not clear when he moved to Ohio, but in 1900 he married Maggie Parlet and had a son Walter by her. Maggie died in 1903 and his son Walter went to live with other relatives. 

Squire Fishborn and Lucrica May Flemming

   In the early 1900’s, Squire married Lucricia May Flemming who had been born in Wisconsin. Her family had moved there from Ohio, but times were not good in Wisconsin for them, and she came back to Ohio. With her, he had three daughters, Tilly, Mary, and Flaudine. This photo is from their wedding day.     

Squire Fishburn moved his family from their farm outside of Brandon, Ohio around 1920. He came here with his second wife Lucricia May Flemming and his three daughters, Tilly, Mary, and Flaudean. He would spend the rest of his life living here. The house still stands on Columbus Road in Mount Vernon, Ohio 

Squire outside his home on Columbus Road, in Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Here is a picture of the same house in 2003.

As of 2005 the owners were fixing up the house but it still needed a lot of repair. We stopped here with my mother, Mary, in 2005 and took her back in it. A lot had changed since my grandfather had died here. I remember as a child going into the kitchen and it still had a pump to get water into the sink. It also had an outhouse out back. These are all gone now but I am not sure the house is any better for the wear. Childhood memories are hard to improve on.

  This is a large jump in time but the Fishburns came to the new world as part of William Penn’s colonization and founded the area around Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  There is still a church in Hershey Pennsylvania that has the graves of our ancestors as documented in the Pennsylvania Historical Society. The following pictures are from that church.

My Ancestors Grave