Rather than trying to recreate a family tree on this site, right now I prefer to direct you to a site that displays this type of information better than I can at present. I have uploaded all of my family’s information to it. The unfortunate problem with this is that the only way to get back to this site is to hit the back button on your browser until you return to my site. I am working on a fix to this problem. Please let me know if there are any corrections to be made in the Family Tree.. For the security of any individuals still living, their birth dates will not be displayed properly.

Mintier Family Tree Page

The information contained in this site was accumulated over the last 4 0years from various sources using Ancestry.com, verbal information from living relatives, and the Internet.  I can not say that all the dates are totally correct but they are to the best of my knowledge. If you have ever done any ancestral research then you will know how tedious and sometimes confusing it can be. I welcome all corrections and also any leads that go beyond where my research ends. You can enter this type of information on my Feed Back Form.