This section is designed to outline the family history of the Mount Vernon, Ohio Branch of the Mintier Family. Most of the information contained herein has been resourced using Ancestry.com and information from other family members. It has been verified as best as I could on a limited budget. Any corrections or additions will certainly be welcomed.

John, Pam and Gary Mintier

This particular Mintier family history starts with me, Gary E Mintier, and goes back through my Father, John Lawson Mintier, his Father, Robert A. Mintier and so on. The family tree traces some of the lines of their spouses, but my main emphasis has been with the Mintiers.  I have traced the Mintiers  back to a Robert Mintier who may have changed his name from Robert McIntre (1791-1870). I cannot find any ancestors of his but his wife’s ancestors go back to Ireland and England.

Some notable ancestors include a Robert Lawson who was my father’s maternal great grandfather. He fought for the North in the Civil War with the 122nd Ohio Infantry. He was captured in the Battle of the Wilderness and became one of the few survivors of Andersonville Prison in Georgia.

I have a cousin Tom Mintier who worked as a reporter for CNN and was one of the few correspondents that was on site to cover the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster. He has much more to his credit which is too much to list here.Most ancestors seem to have led normal lives eking out a living and moving quite a bit in  order to better their lot in life. As far as I know there are no great villains in this group or  at least none that made the newspapers. 

I also made a brief contact with the present owner of the Chateau De Lehelec which belongs to the Mintiers in France. This property, always inhabited, is in the same family since 1578. It arrived there by the wedding of François Mintier, who was a governor of Redon, with Marie Bocan, The Lady of Léhélec. The chateau was built in 1660 by Jean Mintier, and is now owned by Marquis Le Mintier de Léhélec. We tried to see him on our last visit to France but our schedules did not coincide. Mary Ann and I did go to see the Chateau, but the family was at their residence in Paris. We could only get somewhat close enough to take a couple of pictures from far away. It is open to the general public for tours in July and August. Maybe next time.

A lot of this information started with the book “Historical Collections of Harrison County” which is now out of print. I have attached a copy of the page I used to start my search. After that it was weeks and months on Ancestry.com looking through the various sources they have available.

The following section contains what pictures and documents I have along with some commentary on them as they relate to the Mintier Story. I hope to continue to update this section with pictures and information as I come across it. Any items that you care to share with me will be greatly appreciated.